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a promise that, tomorrow we'll wake up somewhere new ♪ ♪

n a n a ♥
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about me ♚
♥ ahur ahur ahur ahur ♥
nana pigna, spain, valencia, 15, female.
Born venezuelan, italian nationality, american at heart.

I draw, write, make graphics, fangirl, and dance like a half brained chicken~ I like gay porn, jrocking band, kpopping boys, and much more. Animanga used to be my thing, not so much now. I like pretty much everything, even some rock and hiphop british//american bands. I've lived and seen a lot of things, but I've got lots to learn~

This journal is rants, drawings, pictures and writing. It's friendlocked but don't be shy to add~

this is under construction so please ignore my impending lameness

纯爱 >> → [ DONGHAE x HENRY ] ← << 纯爱
What happens in China, stays in China
( LEE SOO HYUK of male models )
( JONAS SUNDSTROM of male models )